Saturday, March 17, 2012

Everybody Loves Ika, But Dazzle The Mare! The Horse With A Sense Of Humor.

Dazzle, "Do You See Me Now?"
Dazzle is our paint mare.Quite the character and has a sense of humor! Once while we were cleaning manure from the paddocks she grabbed the handle of the manure bucket off the ground with her teeth and dragged it over to us. If you ignore her she will put her very large head over your shoulder. If you continue to ignore her she places her eye right next to yours as if to say "Do you see me now?"
While everybody who has ever met Ika loves him, she is the only thing in Ika's life that would not.
Read about how she came into this world and almost didn't make it and how one incident between Ika and Dazzle would set the tone for their relationship.
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Gidget, Dazzle's mother who is very sweet and gives riding lessons

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Horses, Ika's Friends, Author Peggy Mullins Shares A Few Words

Tauri in Winter

"Tauri, an Arabian gelding, was my first horse. When I got him he was very untrusting of people having had some bad experiences with bad people. He was as untrusting as I was since I had a less then desirable upbringing with abusive adoptive parents. Through our experiences together, Tauri and I learned to get past our mistrust."
"Billy, an Arabian gelding, came to me although I was very hesitant to take him. He had many issues including a fear of confined places, horse trailers and things brushing against his legs. His fear lead to very dangerous behavior from this thousand pound horse. He was also not trained. Through many hours of working together he learned to overcome his fears and gain confidence in himself. Read more about this sweet horse in my book
"Everybody Loves Ika: One Woman's Memoir of Her Dog, an American Pit Bull Terrier".