Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ika And The CIA Disguise

Who me? CIA? Not on your life!

The Innocent Bride Disguise

Living so close to the D.C. area, the CIA often recruits locals as spies. Ika, being the least likely to be caught as a spy, often helps out. It is a very dangerous job and great caution must be taken to conceal the operatives true identity. Tricky disguises are employed often. Here he is in one of his finest. And while most spies carry a weapon Ika has no means to do so. A holster and gun strapped around his shoulder would surely be noticed! This makes his job even more dangerous. Yet there are other means of protecting himself or apprehending a foreign intelligence officer. In these pictures he is spying on the groom...better watch out buddy, he'll lick you to death if he catches you!

Did you see what that guy was up to?